Thursday, 8 July 2010

RAK from Gemma!!!

Hi everyone just to share a package i received from Gemma and it's all the way
from Japan. Last time i had a package from Joy and the package is all the way
from Korea..So you guys can go watch the video i put at youtube:

Art Journal For beginner- Background

Hi Everyone as all know i love Art Journal a lot..i meant a lot really love it.So then i start to notice that the lady from Scrapbooking to Art Journal they really love it..soo maybe i can teach you how to do a simple background here what you need


Thats all you need and i think all of this supplies is available in every country...
So here is the picture

the glue spread and i use the brush to give the
nice ash looking...
I used white glue and let them dry and then colored
them with watercolor paint..
I used the masking tape and put them in a line
and couple across ..then color them with brown to make
it look vintage.....

Thats all for today .they will be more technique coming soon....keep your eyes open...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Package has to send out..

Well i've been doing swap and the giveaway , so i have to send tones and tones of package this month....nearly 8 package had to send out ,but i send 2 of them on Monday and i was planning to send 4 of them today or tomorrow.. and the other 2 i'm still collecting the goodies for the swap..
Maybe i confused you guys about this package or here's the picture the four package need to send or tomorrow......

Charm Heaven!!

Hi everyone i just received a package the other day and it was from ebay...I bid the charms for 99 cents only but the shipping is really expensive....but they shipped really fast ( about 1 week)
So here i'm sharing my charms haul to you guys..Ohh forgot the ebay sellers is FASHIONEBAR888

Snow Flakes

Butterfly-Created for you


70+70+60=200 charms OH my

Recent Project!!!

Hi Everyone since it's summer holiday ..I was having so much fun drawing , painting and scrapbooking and i'm so sorry i didn't put new post for a long time ..Summer here i can put tones tones of post and share my project here..So here is my recent project (don't bother about my painting)
Geisha (you might want to turn your head )

Goof Girl ( you might want to turn your head around)