Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Giveaway!!

Hi Everyone,

Another giveaway and you have 4 chance check her out:

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Giveaway from Laurel.

Hi Everyone,

Do you want to win a whole bunch of goodies then subscribe and comment to scotia9338. She is very talented and her prizes are GREAT. She's giving away so much stuff. Please subscribe to her.Here the link :

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Big Shot for Giveaway :)

Big Shot for giveaway brand new..enter the giveaway on this link and please subscribe to her first..Here's the link :
Good luck to everyone!!

Friday, 12 November 2010

My New Love Deco den!!

Hi scrapper , sorry i haven't post something lately, I was busy with school and homework and other stuff so i have a post for you right now.....You know how much all of the scrapper love to altered stuff with paper and paint well I like to altered stuff with clay and cream . This is my favorite craft right now unfortunetly I couldn't get the stuff in my country.Can anyone of ladies out there help me buying this stuff for me :) if you can maybe we can do swap.

like I said how adorable is this altered box full of candy and yummy food..I know I make all of you ladies hungry (Sorry) I mean look at this book full of detail and very cute too..Here's the things i couldn't get in my country..

Tomorrow which is Sunday ..since it's holiday for 1 week me and my family are going to Dubai for vacation which mean that I can't post anything (arrrggghhh) but depends if the hotel have Internet though...If any of reader or scrapper know the scrapbooking store in Dubai or Art store please comment down there OK :)


Thursday, 8 July 2010

RAK from Gemma!!!

Hi everyone just to share a package i received from Gemma and it's all the way
from Japan. Last time i had a package from Joy and the package is all the way
from Korea..So you guys can go watch the video i put at youtube:

Art Journal For beginner- Background

Hi Everyone as all know i love Art Journal a lot..i meant a lot really love it.So then i start to notice that the lady from Scrapbooking to Art Journal they really love it..soo maybe i can teach you how to do a simple background here what you need


Thats all you need and i think all of this supplies is available in every country...
So here is the picture

the glue spread and i use the brush to give the
nice ash looking...
I used white glue and let them dry and then colored
them with watercolor paint..
I used the masking tape and put them in a line
and couple across ..then color them with brown to make
it look vintage.....

Thats all for today .they will be more technique coming soon....keep your eyes open...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Package has to send out..

Well i've been doing swap and the giveaway , so i have to send tones and tones of package this month....nearly 8 package had to send out ,but i send 2 of them on Monday and i was planning to send 4 of them today or tomorrow.. and the other 2 i'm still collecting the goodies for the swap..
Maybe i confused you guys about this package or here's the picture the four package need to send or tomorrow......

Charm Heaven!!

Hi everyone i just received a package the other day and it was from ebay...I bid the charms for 99 cents only but the shipping is really expensive....but they shipped really fast ( about 1 week)
So here i'm sharing my charms haul to you guys..Ohh forgot the ebay sellers is FASHIONEBAR888

Snow Flakes

Butterfly-Created for you


70+70+60=200 charms OH my

Recent Project!!!

Hi Everyone since it's summer holiday ..I was having so much fun drawing , painting and scrapbooking and i'm so sorry i didn't put new post for a long time ..Summer here i can put tones tones of post and share my project here..So here is my recent project (don't bother about my painting)
Geisha (you might want to turn your head )

Goof Girl ( you might want to turn your head around)

Saturday, 29 May 2010


Hi Everyone
I just finish making the background on my blogspot.What a disaster for searching the background,thanks to Quinn and Arlene blogspot.

Arlene's blogspot

Quinn's blogspot

Thank you so much...I(heart) you guy

Thank you so much for reading and visited my blogspot.

Vintage Lady Tag

I made this vintage tag by just using a simple supplies.The brown is for my mum and the blue is
is for Joy.