Friday, 12 November 2010

My New Love Deco den!!

Hi scrapper , sorry i haven't post something lately, I was busy with school and homework and other stuff so i have a post for you right now.....You know how much all of the scrapper love to altered stuff with paper and paint well I like to altered stuff with clay and cream . This is my favorite craft right now unfortunetly I couldn't get the stuff in my country.Can anyone of ladies out there help me buying this stuff for me :) if you can maybe we can do swap.

like I said how adorable is this altered box full of candy and yummy food..I know I make all of you ladies hungry (Sorry) I mean look at this book full of detail and very cute too..Here's the things i couldn't get in my country..

Tomorrow which is Sunday ..since it's holiday for 1 week me and my family are going to Dubai for vacation which mean that I can't post anything (arrrggghhh) but depends if the hotel have Internet though...If any of reader or scrapper know the scrapbooking store in Dubai or Art store please comment down there OK :)


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